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How to use a show boxes to make a storage box


In the usual life, everyone can't live without the storage box. The storage box is used to hold some small items with the price tag. At the same time, it stores the "big belly" of clothes and daily objects. Now everyone likes to make some things, including storage boxes. How to make a shoe box as a storage box? What are the key steps? You don't have to worry, today Xiaobian introduces you to the steps of making shoe boxes and storage boxes, and interested friends to learn quickly!


First, why use a shoe box to make a storage box?

Because the old shoe box is hard, it is suitable for making the storage box, and the method is simple, and it can be completed with only one old shoe box. Do you not want to do one of the storage boxes with low practical cost? Put them on the desk, store the snacks on the coffee table, put the snacks on the coffee table, and put on the plastic bags. It can also be used as a small trash can. The process of making the storage box for the shoe box is very simple. As long as you have a shoe box, as long as you are creative, you can play the biggest role of the shoe box to make the storage box. The shoe box making storage box is not only environmentally friendly, we also refuse to waste. The materials used in shoe box making storage boxes are very limited: shoe boxes, scissors, glue, and your creativity. The shoe box making storage box is low in cost. Let's teach you how to make it simple. Storage box material; two large shoe boxes, several pieces of advertising cardboard, one piece of flower cloth, several instant stickers, auxiliary tools and materials: double-sided tape. Transparent plastic, utility knife, scissors.

Second, the shoe box to do the storage box production steps

1. The cardboard that has been removed from the ordinary carton is folded into a small rectangular box as shown below.

2. Wrap the white cloth and paste along the box to make the box strong and beautiful.

3. Cut a piece of circular arc with another piece of cardboard, the size is the same as the thickness and length of the box!

4. Cut two thin compression plates of corresponding size, as the cover of the book, glue it to the reel with glue!

5. Finally, use the prepared color wrapping paper to wrap the cover of the book roll, and use the shoe box to make the storage box and you're done.


Third, the storage box brand recommendation

1. Alice

Alice's storage box is different from the storage box brands of the top ten brands in other storage boxes. The storage boxes of other brands break the traditional concept of storage, with bright plastics and fresh style plates as the main materials. The model's model provides a variety of combinations, allowing consumers to change the size of the storage box according to their own needs, so as not to waste space. Alice is able to put on the list of the top ten brands in our storage boxes. Because of the multi-layer storage cabinets they developed in 2004, in the traditional mode of plastic storage cabinets, the slides are used, even if they are filled with things. The box can also be freely switched.

2, Delome

Drome, ranked sixth in the top ten list of storage boxes, is the storage box brand that uses only leather as the main material of the storage box in China's storage box. Delomet's way of focusing on the details of the storage box is suitable for some pairs. Young people who pursue high quality of life. The designer perfectly combines the storage box and the seat stool. The storage box can be placed at the entrance of the door. As a shoe bench, the intimate design makes Delomey get countless praises from young consumers.

3, elegant housewife

Don't think that the name is very fancy, the elegant housewife is the name of the housewife to provide the greatest convenience. The housewife's biggest worry is that the house that has just been packed is messed up, so the elegant housewife's storage box can help you solve this problem. All series are made of high-quality anti-mold and anti-bacterial high-quality non-woven materials. They are equipped with handles on both sides for easy movement. The folding design without storage is more space-saving than plastic storage boxes. Housewives, take action.

In fact, the shoe box is not difficult to make a storage box. If you dare to try it, you will be successful! Today, Xiaobian brings you the knowledge about shoe boxes and storage boxes. It is over here. If you want to know more about decoration, please pay attention to the decoration home network!

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